"Memotech" LLC is a technology company that has been offering solutions in various areas of information technology since 2001.

Memotech MMC, 5 The main goal is to offer the right solutions to the buildings that technology offers in a constantly changing and evolving structure, without violating the principles. Memotech LLC can always create solutions within its structure and, if necessary, benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of other IT companies. Memotech LLC is one of the IT companies that believes that there will be more power than unity. Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest goals.

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Our Services

We offer you quality services with our professional team.

Outsource IT Support

We provide external resources to companies with our professionally trained employees.

Licensing Services

Windows, 1C, AutoCad, 3Ds Max, Adobe License sales and software.

Security Service

Feel the difference with us in server, computer and network security services.

Server Setup

We make your servers ready for use with installation and 24/7 IT support.


With Memotech, you can find end-to-end solutions for all the software needs of your business.

Reasonable Price

As a direct importer of the products we sell, we offer our customers the best prices.


Assemble and sell notebooks and desktops according to your needs

Spare Parts

Our internet-based service for computers and other devices that provides computer resources that can be used at any time.


Opinions of our customers who benefit from our products and services.

Why Us?


Reasonable Price

As a direct importer of the products we sell, we offer our customers the best prices.

Technical Support

We provide free support not only before the sale, but also after the sale, either on the spot or by phone

Professional Team

We are at your service with the most professional team, knowing that a small problem in the field of IT can lead to big losses for your business.


Contact us for more information about our services and products.


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